Success Stories

In the words of Mark Richmond, UN Director, Division for Coordination Priority in Education, Knowledge on ESD should enable us to translate ESD general themes in response to our local needs and adopt holistic approach to learning and teaching in our schools and beyond.

In Joel Omino Secondary School ESD is talk of the town. ESD is now a key component in the school’s strategic plan (2012-2016) to change the way the same is perceived. This is as a result of the training which the Principal, Mr James Aggrey Otieno and the Chairman, Board of Governors, Rev Emmanuel Ogutu Madote attended in Israel sponsored by MASHAV-Israeli’s Agency for International Development Co-operation at the Ofri International Training Centre-Jerusalem in 2010 and 2012 respectively. Both of us were inspired by the training in Israel. And, we are in deed glad to learn that there are recognizable signs of change and success in ESD in our school as reported by MASHAV – The Ofri International Training Centre. The School is recognized as a Demonstration Centre for ESD in the country. The centre has hosted many visitors from different parts of the country and from the state of Israel