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Revisiting the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development through its International Implementation Scheme (IIS), one of its actions is catalyzing new partnerships with the private sector, youth and media groups. This notion is shared by MASHAV having the idea that “the path to establish institutions based on the tenets of ESD requires thorough long-term development and support activities”. We propose to respond accordingly by creating a locally incorporated body to supplement the national effort in mainstreaming ESD in Kisumu County and the Country at large.

The idea of different actors about ESD is also supported by Charles Hopkins, UNESCO. He says “The emergence of thousands of new NGOs and the ongoing contribution of the stalwart pillars of society such as religion, justice, healthcare etc also are intertwined with the world of ESD and deserve their own recognition”. We have, in consequence, founded a strategic, focal and sustainable body through which we shall address ESD needs in the Country namely, SHOPHAR KENYA whose broad objectives in this respect shall include:-

  • To impart knowledge and information on current environmental, social and economic issues.
  • To help develop educational and community projects relevant to ESD
  • To conduct research on social, economic, cultural and environmental issues through networking and collaboration with different institutions.
  • To enhance leadership development leading to change processes.
  • To invite international, national and local partners from both inside and outside the education sector to support ESD.

The word “Shophar” is Hebrew word meaning horn or trumpet (Britannica Encyclopedia) To the Hebrew mind horns were potent symbols (Bill Bratt) and horns were blown:

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